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Introducing a special project to celebrate ‘Made in Italy’ – the new “Diablo Brutale”

In a tribute to craftsmanship, sportiveness and class leading technology using the latest supersport tyre of the DIABLO™ family, DIABLO ROSSO™ III, the new model pays homage to a special decades-old relationship between MV Agusta and Pirelli.
Presented in an attractive matt black color, interrupted only by luminous red graphics, the Diablo Brutale reflects the trademark ‘thunder’ groove tread pattern and red “D” of the DIABLO ROSSO™ III on the tank, fender and tail. Boldly defining the core strengths of each brand in their handling, tenacious grip and extreme performance.

The Brutale 800 has DIABLO ROSSO™ III tyres as original equipment with the following sizes: 120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W) TL front, 180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W) TL rear.